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Haze Collection Hundemantel



Fluffy collar in imitation mink fleece, on top of a beautiful quilted rug in a lovely melange colour will make your dog stand out on their walks or on chilly days. 200g of filling and lined with our Welltex(R) technology for extra comfort and support.  The detachable and curved girth can be used in both directions for a good and individual fit. Closure with hook and loop, makes it easy to adapt after different breeds. Elastic leg straps to keep the rug in place. Logos embroidered at the chest and on both sides on the back of the rug. 

Designed to match our line of, Haze collection, with both horse products and a laptop case.

Welltex® technology - Powerful waffle textile - Tailored fit - Swedish design -

STOF - 100% Polyester
VULLING - 100% Polyester
VOERING - 100% Polyester
GARNITUREN - 100% Polyester

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Machinewas bij 40°C, gematigd programma. Niet bleken, niet drogen in een droogtrommel, niet strijken, geen chemische reiniging. Geen wasverzachter gebruiken